Sunday, April 12, 2015

1915: The Bull Moose 'Bear Lake Monster'

                                 Some typical Utah moose, near Jeremy Ranch.

“A Bear Lake Monster seen on Lake’s Shore. Swims seven and a half miles in one hour. Ranchers unable to capture animal” was the headline in the Logan Republican newspaper of Oct. 7, 1915.
A “Mr. Smyth” on horseback was chasing a large bull moose running southward, near the hot springs on the northeast corner and Idaho side of the lake.
The moose took to the lake and began swimming toward Fish Haven. After a 7.5-mile swim, the moose broke through a trap ranchers had set, after being telephoned of his route. He made it into the hills, west of the lake.
 “It resembles the Bear Lake Monster story in so many ways,” the story stated of the bull moose chase.

-RESEARCH conducted and compiled by Lynn Arave in 2015. 

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