Sunday, April 12, 2015

Modern Bear Lake Monster sightings lacking ...

          The shores of Bear Lake are very busy each summer in the 21st Century.

MODERN era Bear Lake Monster sightings are a rarity.
There were so many 1868-1915 sightings, but they diminished substantially after that 47-year period.

Did the "monster" retire, slumber, die or move away?

Still, there are OTHER "Bear Lakes" in other states, besides Utah and Idaho. For example, California has a Bear Lake too ... But only Bear Lake seems to have had monster sightings ....

-A young child claimed to have seen the monster in 1937, while a Boy Scout leader sighted it in 1946.
-A tale of some scuba divers spotting something large underwater in the late 1970s is one of those rare stories. One of those spooked divers claimed he'd never go under the water again at that lake.
-A Murray man said he was boating on the east side of the lake with family in 1985 when they saw what could have only been a large creature swimming in the lake. It quickly disappeared, though bubbles kept coming up to the surface for a few minutes afterward. He said in 2017 that he has no doubt the Bear Lake Monster is real. 
-A Bear Lake Valley businessman reported seeing it in 2002.

-There have been NO known sightings reported of the Bear Lake Monster from 2006 to early April of 2015, according to
wildlife biologist Darren DeBloois in Bear Lake Valley, with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

-The "Lost Tapes" show on TV's Animal Planet Channel also had a two-minute segment on the Bear Lake Monster. It can be found at:

-The Utah State University Digital Collections Library also has a wealth of easily accessed material on-line.
Go to:

-In recent years, more commercial and sporting enterprises are using  the Bear Lake Monster theme.
A tour boat, named and shaped like the Bear Lake Monster, sometimes cruises the lake, from the south shore.
There's a 7-mile Bear Lake Monster swim across the width of the lake each summer, plus separate 1-mile and 1/2 mile water races.
There is a Bear Lake Half Marathon, a Bear Lake Monster relay race, plus various other "Monster" footraces, like one up to Minnetonka Cave.

How could a creature (or creatures) so large not be spotted regularly with more people than ever living around the lake, plus each summer recreating in the lake?

-There are likely more tales out there and anyone wanting to share what they saw, heard or know of, can send and email to:

Stories will be added here to a more recent sightings compilation.

   Have you seen anything mysterious at Bear Lake, Utah?

-RESEARCH conducted and compiled by Lynn Arave in 2015. 

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