Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Bear Lake Monster: A 'sucker' for sheep?

THE Ogden Herald newspaper, forerunner to the Standard-Examiner, published its first tale of the Bear Lake Monster on Aug. 27, 1881. “A sucker for sheep” was the headline.
Initially stating it could not vouch for its “absolute correctness,” the story was that a sheep was killed, placed on some grappling hooks, attached to a rope and lowered near the shore into Bear Lake, in hopes of catching the Bear Lake Monster.

This report stated: “Some Indians watched the proceedings with evident interest, and after the bait that the monster was expected to bite was thrown into the unsalted deep and the ambitious fishers had departed, the aboriginal individuals hauled in the line, denuded the hooks of the mutton, and substituted therefor the largest of the sucker species they could find. They were opposed to so much mutton being wasted on an unintelligent monster, while sensible humanity was longing for chops. Instead of the mysterious product of the placid Northern lake, the enterprising anglers succeeded in getting a sucker. ”

-RESEARCH conducted and compiled by Lynn Arave in 2015. 

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