Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fylng serpents in Utah: 2 reports

This ISN'T about the Bear Lake Monster, but a related topic -- there have been at least two reports in Northern Utah regarding flying serpents.
The first was way back in 1894 with the practically the entire Ogden Valley town of Eden seeing it fly by -- and the second in 2005, out west of Salt Lake City, near the Great Salt Lake.

FIRST REPORT:  “A veritable Eden. The serpent is at his old tricks again” was a July 23, 1894 report in the Ogden Standard-Examiner.
This was from the Eden of Weber County, in Ogden Valley. On the previous Friday evening about sundown, “a number of Eden’s reliable men” claimed they spotted a “monster serpent,” 100 feet long and 18 inches in diameter,  flying through the air and swooping down near Wilbur’s Store, at the corner of Independence Park.
They estimated it was moving at 36-40 mph and soon disappeared over the mountains in the direction of Middle Fork Canyon – apparently never to be spotted again.
A serpent in Biblically named Eden, just this side of Paradise (Cache County). Who knew?

SECOND REPORT: "Winged Snake?" By Todd Miller and two others and reported to occur on May 4, 2005, about noon.
The description was a big serpent, no hair,dark brown with purple stripes, a long tail (split in two), glowing eyes, lots of scales and movement like a cobra. Miller said it hissed at him.
Smelled like a dead skunk, or sewer and rose up to a height over nine feet on the ground. Was at least 245 pounds and four yards long/ Observed it for about 10 minutes.
 (Also listed on "Alien Dave's" website)

--True or not? There are simply weird things out there that defy explanation -- perhaps supernatural.

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